Rafa Armero

Rafa Armero

Submitted on: 03 Jan 12

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Rafa Armero's Description:

he spatial environment of Rafa Armero, studio for Creative Emotional Design, is not only a physical enclosure, but also encompasses an emotional interior space for its own sake. This is the underlying philosophy of our company, a place for open and active collaboration and in constant evolution. In the mornings, the space can appear as a studio for creativity, in the afternoons it can become a laboratory or a gallery for exhibitions, while at other times, a workspace for experimentation and formation in emotional creativity. Additionally, we are always open to all kinds of public, prepared to offer a cup of coffee at any time and are even available for private events.

Located in a turn-of-the 20th century building in the celebrated neighborhood of the Olivereta in Valencia, the 150 square meter area has been altered on two occasions, the first taking place more than 10 years ago when Armero Studio had its beginnings. Taking special care for the structure and spatial distribution, this restoration brought out the most positive aspects of the original construction: arched ceilings of baked clay, iron beams, uncovered brick, etc. The second, a creative project for the interior, was finished just two months ago. Following the new strategic plan and tenets of the firm, emotional creativity, aspects such as the flexibility of the space, the lighting, the common work areas and the style renovation in general, were carefully considered.

The studio reflects all the changes and transformations that the firm has passed through on its way to the heart of the concept of emotional creativity, stimulated by everyone who forms or who has formed a part of the project, and fleeing from the minimalism characteristic of professional design as well as  any other easily- recognizable tendency.

Rafa Armero

Rafa Armero

Rafa Armero


  1. fernando feijoo

    Rafa almero studio looks like a modern day version of a power bauhas with creative energy flowing from within. The space looks dyanmic and allows for many different functions within.

  2. Dietmar Stefitz

    I have been at Rafa’s place. Really awsome. Once there you don’t want to leave anymore. And wow, what a nice cup of Coffee . Thanks again, and yes, please visit Rafas Studio!!

  3. Franz Kelle

    I visited the studio before current, interior changes: a pleasant, open place with high ceiling. The interaction between the classicism of the structure and the contemporary professional and artistic activities happening inside seems to be enhanced now with the new inner style as seen on the pictures. I am looking forward to witnessing it live when I am back in Valencia.

  4. Nev Vujosevic

    Rafa and his team are doing what so many organizations try and hope to do but sadly struggle to accomplish: they LIVE their vision and commitment to creativity, innovation, compassion and you can feel it as soon as you step into their studio. I was so impressed and elated to find them and to hear their insights on how they bring positive change and creativity to the worlds and objectives of their clients. They are a model to follow for businesses everywhere in this day and age and I very much look forward to following their work in the future. Keep flying friends…

  5. Rafael Beltran

    I was at Rafa Armero’s studio some weeks ago and was positively shocked by its design and the atmosphere it creates. Ideas and opportunities flowed in our meeting! Congrats Rafa! Looking forward to visiting you again at your studio.

  6. McEnroe

    A very beautiful place, but… Where they work? Wehere they seat?? I don’t see any desk or computer…

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