Submitted on: 16 Feb 11

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Equator's Description:

Equator is one of the UK’s leading integrated digital agencies and we recently moved into a new studio that we designed to be really tactile and interactive.

You can write on nearly all the walls for project inspiration or just to express yourself.

As a result it’s become a space that’s really informal and lived-in. Quite a few of our clients make excuses to come and work here as often as they can.

We love it and hope you do too. Come visit for a coffee if you’re ever in Glasgow.





  1. Rad Dougall

    Like it! 🙂 Shame I live very very far south else I may well have dropped in to see more 🙂

    Did you do the design or work with an interior design contractor?

  2. John Meffen

    How nice, five out of five! Coffee it is then.

  3. Paul McComish

    Great environment to create!

  4. Sandra Rowan

    And a great environment to work in!

  5. James jefferson

    Hey Rad, we did use an interior designer. A company called 3D8 in Glasgow. They did a brilliant job of realising our vision of a studio that was informal, tactile and interactive.

    The big pink numbers were our later addition to celebrate 10 years in business but we loved them so much we kept them.


  6. Carmont31

    Really Nice to work there.

  7. Carolina Azevedo

    Ameeeeiiii o ambiente!
    Mistura muito bem o ar tecnologico com o aconchegante.

    Lindo, lindo!

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