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Located in Clausen, Luxembourg (i.e. the old quarter of Luxembourg City), Skype Corporate Headquarters is part of larger refurbishment of one of the areas existing brewery buildings. Designers WAM were charged with creating a dynamic interior to inspire innovation, but also retain some degree of corporate sophistication. Given the difficult of such a task, Skypes new offices seemed worth posting – we’re interested in knowing if our readers think the space succeeds. (via ArchDaily).






  1. Frank

    I really like the color schemes. It’s a refreshing change from all those sterile looking environments prevalent in today’s high tech offices.

  2. Jenny Staff Johnson

    I have to confess, it’s not working for me at all. Checked out the architects’ website and it seems they have done some appealing work, but this is way too busy. Love the high-backed sofa in pink and orange, though.

  3. Georges

    I’ma sorry to say this is quite average corporate design with the usual tools like must-have eames chairs, wavey design shapes…
    On top of it is already looking quite out of date – bad sign for a company that needs to be at the forefront of things

  4. david

    great comments, but those are not eames chairs. The idea that just because it is SKYPE that it should be somehow – way ahead or cutting edge i think is predictable. this is the finance department in Luxembourg – basically accountants. Look at Googles offices, way too many gimmicks and they do date quickly – i know from experience. Sometimes restraint is required to have a lasting result, we live in a society that demands the greatest visual impact now….sometimes it is better that occupants discover the space without it overpowering them

  5. bobby

    I can see how the Skype 5 UI for mac turned out the way it did. Yeesh.

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