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Where minimal mindset our style is always a big factor, we also try to implement in daily life. At the Yummygum office we have tried as minimal as possible.

You can view pictures of our office, and how the minimalist mindset has continued in the interior and design of our desk. So you see a minimal number of different colors and a minimum of desktop clutter. We also tried cables as much as possible to eliminate. Here we used the CableBox Blue Lounge plugs and sockets for tidy storage. We tried to take as many photos as possible along the way! Big thanks go to Hans van der Jagt for his help in realizing the plans for the office.

Yummy Gum

Yummy Gum

Yummy Gum

Yummy Gum

Yummy Gum


  1. Leon

    Hey guys, thanks a lot for featuring our office! Small thing: Yummygum is spelled as one word (when not in the logo) ;).

  2. Simon Stark

    I simply love this. 5 stars! 🙂

  3. admin

    @Leon – this has now been changed! Thanks.

  4. Marie

    A bit too white for me 😉

  5. max

    super cool.. but watching white everyday, is not very inspiring

  6. Fred

    Beautiful / clean space. Simple but I love it.

  7. Fred


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