Tepera Hood Design

Tepera Hood Design

Submitted on: 29 Apr 10

Website Address: http://www.teperahood.com

Category: Architect

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Tepera Hood Design's Description:

A repurposed 1950’s PEMCO gas station on route 66 in Tulsa serves as the new offices for tepera|hood design. The main building had suffered from years of neglect and poor remodeling decisions. Glass was restored and the interior was stripped down to its original block material. The 240 sq. ft. space is split into three areas, main workspace, administrative workroom and reference closet.

Images courtesy of Tepera Hood Design.

Tepera Hood Design

Tepera Hood Design

Tepera Hood Design

Tepera Hood Design


  1. wynerdy

    Really, really, really, really AMAZING!
    If I work in a studio like that… 🙂

  2. Jon Osterberg

    Very cool! I’m also curious to know more about the gasoline that shares my employer’s name — PEMCO. Was/is PEMCO gas common in Oklahoma?

  3. Ada

    This is a gorgeous ideea. I would pull up a chair in front and just watch them create:D

  4. Mary Tepera Jones

    This is our office! We turned this old, dilapidated and abandoned gas station into our new design studio. It’s small but perfect. Thanks for including us in your blog. — Mary Tepera Jones

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  6. Christian Biggins

    Oh man, I love this so much. So jealous!

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