Scott Savage

Scott Savage

Submitted on: 23 Mar 10

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I’m a Professional Practice Fellow in Design Studies at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. I teach primarily Communication Design and Design Visualisation. My research interests and design practice sway particularly towards illustration, infodesign, typography, comic design and designer toys.

These photos are from my home ‘office’, where I do most of my design work. It’s a relatively small space which backs onto a relatively small lounge. I like to surround myself with things that I like to extent now that those things are starting to take over.

Scott Savage

Scott Savage

Scott Savage


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  2. Alex

    See that bookshelf? No brackets attaching it to the wall. That shit is dangerous in an earthquake. BOOM!

  3. G-Dizzle

    Beautiful! How can you go wrong by surrounding yourself in the things that inspire you? Good work sir, good work indeed!

  4. Mark McGuire

    The chair looks dangerous. Avoid the chair. The toys look friendly enough, though. The books are starting to block the window. Or is it the other way around? Which provides more illumination? Nix the window. The sun will fade the books and toys. The glare from the screen will hurt your eyes. The world outside is nothing but a time-wasting distraction. Draw the curtain. Better yet, brick in the opening. Replace it with a big screen TV and save on light bulbs. Subscribe to the Cartoon channel.

  5. Austen

    Jealous of that tablet. Very jealous.
    Also Domo sitting pillow, slightly frightening, but must be a thrill sitting down every time.
    Love it.

  6. Bruce Savage

    The “office” looks inspirational as I’m sure it is. The view of the rest of the room would have knocked their socks off. Like the suggestion of a big screen TV replacing the window, the only problem with it would be you would have to sit in the corridor outside to view it properly. How about a mirror ball suspended from the ceiling and a couple of spots directed onto it?

  7. irving briscoe

    Love the wallpaper. and the chair pillow is pretty funny. all in all great workspace design

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