Kim Knoll

Kim Knoll

Submitted on: 11 Mar 10

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With the walls closing in at 110 square feet, my husband and I both work out of the 2nd bedroom in our small, but peaceful condo. Located in Chicago, we’re independent graphic designers working with entrepreneurs, design firms and ad agencies.

Kim Knoll

Kim Knoll


  1. Kim Knoll

    Since there’s only room for one URL, I thought I’d include a link to my husband’s site here:

  2. Marie

    Cool dog! 😉

  3. gus

    nice dog sculpture 🙂

  4. Bruford

    Wow! An office. Amazing!

  5. Where do YOU design? « Maundering Me

    […] all the spaces look. I mean… I guess that makes sense… but still! One design company simple desk in a small office, while another has huge wall graphics and even a table with fake sheep inside […]

  6. Jorge Jimenez M

    very nice and elegant studio.

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