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NORTH is a brand agency and creative collective, an expeditionary force of thinkers and makers.

Some of us logged in 50+ combined years at big advertising agencies with global clients. Some of us never made an ad before coming here. We’re a unique collection of restless, independent minds with diverse backgrounds in branding, digital development, filmmaking, music and entertainment.

For our own individual reasons, we migrated to the beautiful pacific northwest and aren’t looking back. Our single goal is to make our clients famous, authentically.

First and foremost, we’re an idea shop. Our ideas come from deep insights into our clients’ customers, and obsessions with pop and underground culture.

The space we share is a soaring, chopped-log, brushed metal shrine to creative collaboration. We invite everyone – clients, freelancers, friends, bandmates – to make magic of the process.

Finally, we steadfastly believe that making money and doing the right thing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the quicker we all learn how to do just that, the better.




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  1. wenn

    I could imagine how difficult it is to work on the screen with so much glares in 2nd pic area. but pic 1 is very beautiful and organised

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