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Grandpa-George Design and Interactive is about one thing…good design.

We are based in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the 7th floor of a 100+ year-old building with sweeping views of the Mighty Mississippi, the Grain Belt sign and the Warehouse District / NorthLoop.  Sweet 711 is either freezing-ass cold, leaking like a sieve when it rains or stick-to-your-chair hot; just how Grandpa-George likes it.

Everyone at Grandpa-George feels strongly that there has to be a better way!  We remember it—not so very long ago—good guys, doing the right thing with integrity, trust and quality. It was everywhere–always. How did it become hard to find, rare, or worse, unlikely?

Wanting to join the others that are trying to bring it back, a mission was charted in 2007. Do it well, with quality and good design. Make it better—one project, one client, one intern at a time.

Grandpa George

Grandpa George

Grandpa George


  1. John Heimkes IV

    Grandpa-George is fantastic!

  2. calymo

    Quirky and out there, love it!

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