Federico Holgado

Federico Holgado

Submitted on: 07 Feb 10

Website Address: http://www.fholgado.com

Category: Web Designer

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My old apartment had a beautiful sunroom in the Virginia Highlands in Atlanta, GA.

Federico Holgado


  1. Mr P

    How can you concentrate to your job in this beautiful environment? If I were you, I always want to be outside :):)

  2. Federico Holgado

    Indeed, the Highlands are a beautiful place to live. Photo of the new (current) office is coming soon, although it is not as pretty as this one was 🙂

  3. dee

    What kind of speakers are those?

    By the way nice environment

  4. balta

    dee: they seems to me KRK rokit5 or 8

  5. dee

    @balta: thanks!

  6. Federico Holgado

    They are KRK RP6’s. They sound great!

  7. Daniel

    Great, we have almost same setup ;)KRK is cool.

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