Isabella Lucena

Isabella Lucena

Submitted on: 12 Jan 10

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I’m a graphic designer & illustrator from Lisbon now living in Amsterdam. I’m available for work, commissions, collaborations, and other nice things like that.

Feel free to send me an email if you want to get in touch about anything.

Isabella Lucena

Isabella Lucena

Isabella Lucena

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  1. Felipe Bordalo

    Hi Isabella! Are you the designer which created (along with Joanna Fraga) “Estúdio da Jovem” space on the last edition of “Morar Mais Por Menos at Rio de Janeiro? If it is really you, I’m desesperately trying to find who made that lovely vintage dinner-like yellow sofa. If you’re not, sorry to bother and what very nice and neat space your have there!

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